Research & Development

Ják Spinning shares with its customers the development of new products and/or innovative processes to improve the production.

Thanks to a huge capability to keep experimenting, together with a steady attention to new trends and new technologies, during the years many innovations have been adopted, starting from small adjustments to better tune the machineries up to the development of brand new products.


The React project

Ják Spinning is among the partners of the European consortium taking part at REACT, RECYCLE OF WASTE ACRYLIC TEXTILES.



The project, funded by the European Community under the Horizon 2020 program and launched on June 2019, aims to recycle textiles coming from discarded awnings and outdoor furniture, removing all the chemical components (necessary to make them suitable for an outdoor lifetime), then turning them again into fiber to be spun and afterwards give birth to new awnings.

The project is participated by 7 European partners, including 3 research centers, who will work together for 3 years, with the purpose to study new procedures and technologies and making them operational to achieve the ambitious goal.

Ják Spinning will have the task to work on the fiber obtained from the recycling of the fabrics and mixing it with processing waste, in order to obtain the production of 100% compatible yarn with the yarn manufactured with raw fiber, so that it can pass through the weaving avoiding any defect.

Ják Spinning already forecasted investments in equipment and activities in order to deal with this new important challenge.