Ják Spinning was born in 2006 as the foreign branch of FIlatura Prealpina di Mornico Al serio (Italy) with the objective to satisfy the continuous requests from its customers to increase the production of acrylic yarns.

Today it’s an independent production facility with more than 30 employees and several ring-spinning and twisting lines. Working H24 7 days a week and mainly working on acrylic fibers intended for awnings and outdoor furniture fabrics.


During last years, Andrea Dolci, Ják Spinning CEO and second-generation spinning expert, guided the company to implement high quality products granting the maximum production capability.



Ják Spinning is designed to manufacture yarns that perfectly fit the its customers’ weaving requirements. No defects and low costs are at the core of the whole production process.


Steady investments in technologies and R&D brought the company to develop new products in collaboration with its customers and, above all, to tune processes and equipment to achieve an effective and environmentally friendly production.


Ják Spinning also stands out for its ability to reduce to a minimum the tolerance on production waste and for the continuous attention to quality, which is verified at every single production step through continuous laboratory analysis.

This gives complete assurance that every single kg of processed fiber corresponds to a kg of perfect a ready-to-use yarn.



“Our determination to be reliable partners on each challenge taught us to get a company always ready for our customers’ requests. And, first of all, able to adapt itself to innovation and technology, in order to offer effective production, high-level quality standards and long-lasting business relationships”





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